Vanilla Token Calculator

Use the tool to estimate your VNL position. Use the sliders for opening and closing date of your trade. Input an estimate of the absolute return you wish to make. If you invest 1 ETH and at close obtain 1.5 ETH, input 0.5. Last, input the Uniswap WETH reserves of the pair for the Value-Protection Coefficient. For reference, WBTC/ETH pair can be found here. Trade with Vanilla at VanillaDefi

The Holding/Trading Ratio (Squared) depends essentially on: Holding time of the trade and trade initiation. Later inititation of the trade will yield smaller rewards, but the reward can be increased by increasing holding period.
For ease of use, this tool calculates approximate HTRS and VNL reward with opening and closing days. In reality, Vanilla calculates HTRS with Ethereum block numbers and thus these figures are for illustrative purpose. Please refer to for more accurate numbers. Vanilla was initiated in 2021-03-29 at block 12134736